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  • Wenge bass guitar fingerboard blank

    Wenge (Millettia Laurentii) bass guitar fingerboard blank. Size 705mm x 85 mm x 8mm

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    Price $58.52

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  • Wenge guitar fingerboard blank

    Wenge (Millettia Laurentii) guitar fingerboard blank. Size 580mm x 70mm x 8mm .

    Quantity: 2

    Price $23.41

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  • Wenge steel string bridge blank

    Wenge (Millettia Laurentii) steel string bridge blank. Size 190mm x 50 mm x 13mm

    Quantity: 3

    Price $8.51

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Best sellers

  • Bracewood Blanks - Spruce

    Our Spruce Brace Stock is sawn from specially selected split billets of Sitka Spruce. It is well quarter sawn, straight and even grained. The pieces [...]

    Quantity: 161

    Price $6.38

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  • Black/Maple/Black purfling

    1.5 mm (.060")wide by 2.5 mm (0.100") deep flexible purfling made from black fibre and maple veneer. One 1600 mm (63") long piece will go all the way [...]

    Quantity: 29

    Price $6.92

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  • Bestseller

    Kerfed Lining

    1/4" x 11/16" x 29 1/2"

    Quantity: 57

    Price $6.60

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