New Products For November

  • Black Plastic Side dot material

    Two 50mm lengths of 2mm black plastic rod.

    Quantity: 10

    Price $1.06

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  • The Mandolin Project by Graham McDonald

    "The Mandolin Project" is a workshop manual describing the construction of four mandolins with different styles of construction from a simple flat [...]

    Quantity: 6

    Price $29.26

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  • K & K Pure Mini

    The Pure Mini (formerly called Pure Western Mini) is a passive system for steel string guitar, with three pickup heads and an endpin jack. It is a [...]

    Quantity: 1

    Price $266.00

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Best sellers

  • Bracewood Blanks - Spruce

    Our Spruce Brace Stock is sawn from specially selected split billets of Sitka Spruce. It is well quarter sawn, straight and even grained. The pieces [...]

    Quantity: 202

    Price $6.38

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  • Bestseller

    Kerfed Lining

    1/4" x 11/16" x 29 1/2"

    Quantity: 99

    Price $6.60

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  • Fingerboard Dots - Abalone

    Blue-green abalone shell dots available in three sizes for fingerboard and side position markers. Sold individualy.

    Quantity: 123

    Price $0.90

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