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New Products For June

  • K & K Universal Spot pickup w/ external jack

    This single-head piezo transducer is a small, universal, entry level transducer with a better than entry level sound. It is perfect for smaller [...]

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    Price $82.99

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  • K & K Pure Mini

    The Pure Mini (formerly called Pure Western Mini) is a passive system for steel string guitar, with three pickup heads and an endpin jack. It is a [...]

    Quantity: 1

    Price $266.00

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  • Copper Sheilding Tape

    Self adhesive copper tape 24" (610mm) x 3½” (90mm).

    Quantity: 2

    Price $24.42

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  • 5-way SlideSwitch w/Gold Contacts

    High QualityJapanese made 5-way slide switch with gold contacts

    Quantity: 8

    Price $15.91

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  • 3-way Slide Switch

    High quality Japanese made 3-way slide switch. Comes with black knob and mounting screws.

    Quantity: 9

    Price $18.03

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  • 24mm 250K "B" Pot

    24mm diameter 250K linear taper potentiometer. 8mm thread diameter, 6 mm shaft diameter and 11mm thread length.Usualy used for tone controls.

    Quantity: 34

    Price $5.27

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